Hey, I’m Lars. 👋

I have worked as a senior software engineer, site reliability engineer (DevOps), tech lead and product manager.

My passion is scaling SaaS products and organisations.

From 0 to 1.
From thousands to millions.

I can look back at a decade of experience running and building production-grade software in the cloud. Passionate about anything “serverless”, which is what I believe to be truely cloud native.

Coming from a system administration background and having transitioned to being a senior software engineer I am well versed to reason about trade-offs of software architectures.

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On the hunt for the best image quality per byte.

A practical comparison of image formats for the web. JPEG vs WebP vs AVIF.

The Alliance for Open Media has come up with the image format AVIF, that got a lot of praise from Netflix. It’s based on the AV1 video codec. It promises to fit high quality images in even smaller file sizes than WebP or JPEG.

DevOps for startups

Disclaimer: I felt like writing this post, cause constantly people ask me about “DevOps” and whether they need it. This is my opinionated view on it — the scope is my own.

Pet, Cattle, Herd

“I don’t know if you know, sort of the metaphor of, you know, pets vs. cattle? Yeah, servers are like pets. You give them a name. If they get ill, you nurture them back to health.

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